Dark Matter Review

***spoilers*** I will try to leave out the more mind boggling things so I don’t spoil as much of the story. If you haven’t read this book please do so before reading this! 

I would like to start by say holy shit. 

I love a good story about time travel, inter dimensions and multiverses. This book deals with multiverses and it was so indescribable and perfect. 

The main character Jason doesn’t have the most spectacular life, but a life he is happy with. A loving wife, a son, a job he is content with. Things that we can relate to. Until one night after meeting an old friend he gets kidnapped and wakes up in a world that isn’t his. All through the process of his kid napping the author keeps you thinking about who is the kidnapped and why they want to take Jason. I went into this book knowing nothing so I kept assuming it was a coworker or a friend who had a grudge, but when he wakes up in a different version of his world I was completely mind blown! After finding out who did kidnapped him and why Things got crazier! 

Let’s talk about the box. What I love about the box in this book is that the author took the time to think about how this device should work and then took more time to explain it. The box is the device that is essentially the door to the other multiverse and when paired with a certain drug it allows the user to travel between versions of his or her life. It works/chooses worlds based on who ever consumes the drugs emotions, it was created by Jason2. While inside this box we see several different versions of Jason’s original world all based on what he is thinking and feeling but it doesn’t actually occur to you until they try to figure out how to work the box, which isn’t just explained in a couple of paragraphs when the box is first introduced, but as the characters are inside. You learn about the box along with them. All the tests done in Jason2 world have sent someone in and they haven’t returned so no one outside has any real understanding of it. 

The Jasons. Jason2, let’s get him out of the way because frankly just the fact that he caused this makes me angry. He built this crazy, ground breaking machine, is rich and brilliant but he is unhappy because he is starting to regret decisions that he has made in his life. Somewhere along the lines he decides it’s a great idea to steal another version of his life from another version of himself (original Jason) using this box. No one will know right? Wrong, Jason knows. The original Jason, I adore. He has this profound love for his family and no matter what happens or all of the stupid crazy things he thinks about doing to get his life back, that love and desire to return to his wife and son keeps him grounded. Seeing things that could break anyone in a situation even remotely similar (like watching your wife die not only once but twice or a world were your child never existed) he knows that’s not his world and that they are home safe and unaware of the stranger in their home. 

The feels. Once his family finds out what is going on, it pulled on my heart strings until they wanted to snap! Even though he sounds deranged, they believe him and after going through certain events and seeing what he is talking about, they go in the box with him!!! Into the box!! To find a new world and start a new life together!! That is love and strong family ties and the highest level. 

The book was intense, entertaining, took a crazy concept and made it somewhat normal, promoted a strong family and love. I loved the concept, the world building, how the writing flowed and the fact that we do get to see glimpses of how his wife sees changes in her husband once the switch happens. Solid 5/5 stars hand down. I was extremely satisfied with all the surprises this book held. I really don’t want to spoil it too much so I will say no more. Thank you for stopping by, reading my rambles and until next time,


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