Redeeming Love Review

I have never read a Christian Historical Fiction. I have never read a Christian anything aside from the Bible. It’s just not something that has been for me, but when a dear friend of mine handed a copy to me and told me I had to read her favorite book…you bet I read it. 

 We follow two main characters the first bring a prostitute named Angel and the second a god loving farmer named Micheal. This novel is set during the California Gold Rush, no it’s not what you’re thinking. Micheal receives a message from God, who has a strong presence in the book (keep in mind the genre) that he is to marry Angel. Angel is a woman who has had a hard life starting from childhood. She was the product of an affair, grew up knowing her father didn’t want her, her mother was a prostitue who died when she was eight, then at that same age she was sold into prostitution to a child molester. All her life, prostitution is all she has known. Please the man, get the money. And she is stuck in her ways. So when micheal shows up determined to marry her, she protests. Micheal is an honest, good man, seeking a good life with a wife he can love forever. After servicing a brutal beating micheal marries her and takes her back to his farm where he is determined to help her lead a better life. 

I opened this book and told myself I was going to keep an open mind. I am extremely judgmental when it comes to any sort of religious aspect in any book no matter how hard I try not to be.  It’s just something I feel is extremely dramatized or is never done without being overbearing, even if its only a paragraph in the entire book. But. I am a person who will support you in whatever faith you have whether it’s a singular god, an unknown force or an inanimate object. It’s your right to worship whatever you want and I think that is wonderful! But it bothers me that people tell you that you are wrong for believing something different. You’re not. So I am a little ashamed that I didn’t keep my mind wide open when I started this. For the first 100-150 pages, the characters would say or do something and I would judge them, hard core. So I had to stop and give myself a talking to, upon picking it up again I found it so much easier to read! Because it’s ok that the authors views differ from my own, I’m here to enjoy this story. And I did very much. 

Micheal. Micheal. Micheal. For a good three fourths of this book I was very annoyed with his character. Micheals character is self explanatory, he is honest and good and wants a woman to spend his life with. But some of his behaviors and mannerisms worked themselves to the point of overbearing to me. Some of the actions he took I respected him for, like not having sex with Angel until she was ready even though he wanted to. Others I wanted to slap him for. I felt there were several times in the story that he was pushing Angel too hard and that only added to her reluctance, which I know the author did on purpose but, it’s still irritating. The last portion of the book he grew on me a bit because he was at his breaking point, we got to see just how much of a toll this woman had taken on him. 

Angel. Loved this character. She’s knows she’s been through hell but still manages to keep her head up. She’s strong willed, stubborn and smart. When she does finally admit to wanting a life with Micheal, witnessing her character growth is stupendous! Her growth throughout the book is stupendous! There isn’t much to say on her because she is such a wonderful and well written character that you relate to her without experiencing her hardships. 

Overall this book was a rather quick read despite the size. It was fun two watch these two characters grow on each other and into a life together. The writing was elegant and flowed very well. 4/5 stars! Thank you for reading my rambles and until next time,


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