November 9 Review

***Spoiler Free***

Colleen Hoover is a phenomenal writer. She can write about the worst possible thing you can imagine and make it nearly impossible to put the book down. You always want to know what’s next. 

November 9 follows Fallon and Ben who meet in a restaurant. They spend the day together and it’s a bit like insta-love but the great part is Fallon rejects it. Due to her moving across the country she doesn’t want to maintain a relationship until she knows who she is. So they agree to meet once a year on November 9th to maintain their relationship. 

Fallon is a burn victim who is slowly rediscovering herself after her accident. Ben is trying recover from his rough past. It’s your standard “two broke people fixing each other” plot. But it’s addicting. You’re watching these two characters go through their struggles while falling in love with each other over the course of five years (it’s really more like five days). Colleen Hoover is very good at tugging on the heart strings. 

Colleen is also very good at concealing her major plot twists. You know it’s coming because it’s Colleen, she’s going to do it. But she gives you little clues here and there until the actual event slaps you. And the thing with her plot twists is they are not little ones that effect one of two characters. They effect everything. Everything. And then everything spirals down hill! It’s great!  Colleen Hoover constantly gives the reader more than expected. 

However, readers have been noticing some issues with rape culture in the book. I personally didn’t feel like that was a center focus in the book but I can see where some scenes would fall in that spectrum. There are times when Fallon does say no and Ben will keep pushing. But like I said, it was not the dominating factor in the book. If there had been more scenes where this happened then I would be concerned, but I only notice two or three.  

Overall I gave this book 4/5 stars. It received 8/10 in my bookclub because the Misfits love themselves some CoHo. This book was gripping and shaking. It’s full of plot twists and substantial character growth and development. This would be a great read to get you out of a slump, quick and entertain! I wouldn’t expect less from Colleen Hoover. As always, thank you for reading my rambles and until next time,