The Widow Review

***Spoiler Free***

The Widow by Fiona Barton is a physiological thriller that really makes you think. 

The story is told through multiple perspectives as we follow these people in the search for a missing two year old girl named Bella. Along the way horrible secrets are uncovered and we get to see how that slowly drives people apart.

Of all the characters I had two favorites: DI Sparks and the Widow, Jean. DI Dparks is the detective handling Bella’s case and it had not only engrossed him mentally as a detective but it begins to take a massive effect on his emotions. The author does a wonderful job of describing and displaying emotion with her characters. I believe that is another factor that makes this story so consuming, these areaverage people and as you read, you feel these emotions with the characters. Sparked also Reads people very well and is persistent.

The Widow. Jean is a very dynamic character. She begins as every normal person is, loves her husband and her job. But as the story progresses and she learns things about her husband she never knew and how involved in Bella’s disappearance he is we get to see her slowly unwind. Watching a character come undone is fascinating to me. It usually happens in one of two ways: they snap quickly or they try to make sense of these things as they slowly being to unravel. For Jean it’s the later. At first she stands by her husband but as time progresses we see her losing her vigor to maintain his lies and excuses. Her character development through the story and finally her ending result is astonishing. 

Fiona Barton is defiantly and author I will pick up again. Her writing style is beautiful and smooth. The way she executes her plot is outstanding. 5/5 Stars. 

As always, thank you for reading my rambles and until next time,